Over the past several years I've given talks at universities, conferences, schools, colleges, and scientific conferences. Highlights include speaking about my PhD thesis at EGU 2016, discussing my YouTube experiences at the University of Bristol, and speaking about our perceptions of digital media at TEDx LancasterU. 

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With years of experience presenting my work, as well as hundreds of videos, livestreams, and podcast episodes, I'm extremely confident presenting to audiences of all sizes and compositions. My style has been described as precise, clear, and charismatic, as well as successfully incorporating humour into what can be otherwise be dry material. Stratospheric dynamics doesn't get many laughs on its own!

In the past I have given talks on a few broad topics:

  1. Physics, and in particular my work on atmospheric physics
  2. Study skills, preparing for university, and university admissions
  3. My experiences as a digital content creator, particularly in making educational videos
  4. Theoretical discussions of online video

Though I have spoken on these topics before, and have proven success doing so, I am very open to requests to talk on new subjects. Please do get in touch if you would like to book me to speak!

I'm based in the south east of the UK, but am well situated to travel. My rate is flexible depending on your organisation, though I do require travel expenses at minimum.

TEDx Lancaster Uni, 2018

TEDx Lancaster Uni, 2018

Previous talks include presentations given at:

  • Universities: Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Exeter, Groningen
  • Schools: Eton, UTC Bolton, Exeter Mathematics School
  • Conferences: London Small YouTubers 2018, TEDx LancasterU 2018, Video from every angle (Panopto) 2016
  • Academic conferences: UKCGE (Exploring Online Communities of Practice), LWEC Conference 2018, EGU 2016