I currently stream twice a week on my Twitch channel, drsimonclark! Twitch is a fascinating place to me, and a refreshing change from the stale YouTube meta of increasingly click-baity video essays with increasingly less information content because someone else has already done it first, and better. Twitch, and livestreaming in general, feels real. It’s unedited, and allows for a much closer, more real relationship with viewers. Additionally, it’s a wild west of content due to how young the platform is - currently mostly gaming, but I see a potential future for educational content in a variety of forms. My streams are a few experiments in how this could be done!

Currently I only stream twice a week as I need to spend most of my time writing and editing videos for my YouTube channel. If the channel becomes more popular I would love to spend more time streaming as it’s a huge amount of fun! Future plans for streams include:

  • XCOM with chat. I’m a huge fan of XCOM, and the Lewis and Ben Save The World stream on the yogscast twitch. I’d love to do a similar playthrough with chumps/volunteers taken from chat!

  • Civ 6. I’ve been a fan of the Civ franchise for over a decade, and would love to play it every week!

  • Further maths streams: what I currently do on Wednesdays, but more frequently!

Sundays - 3PM GMT

My ‘traditional’ stream playing Kerbal Space Program. I like to pretend that this is educational content but really this is an excuse to play video games every week. KSP definitely teaches about planetary science, orbital mechanics, solid body mechanics, and the merits of planning ahead though, so I think it kind of counts…

If you would like to be a kerbalnaut in the playthrough please pop a donation in during the stream saying as such, along with your preference of scientist, pilot, or engineer, and I will add you to the roster! (note: survival not guaranteed…)

Wednesdays - 7PM GMT

The main event! I go through science and maths papers and use the questions as teaching tools. The point isn’t to speedrun the paper, or demonstrate how clever I am (spoilers: I’m not), but instead to show that you shouldn’t be afraid of equations. You can try the questions along with me, or just chill and have the stream on in the background.

What I’m trying to accomplish is the role of older brother, talking you through some stuff from school that you haven’t got to yet but you’re interested in. By having some chill music on in the background and slowly going through the problems by hand, I hope to get you to associate these kind of questions with good experiences. Physics and maths can be fun, so let’s stop being afraid of them!

Papers we’ve done so far…


  • A level 1981 [UK] (Oxford and Cambridge)

  • MCAT 2016 [NZ]

  • Physics Olympiad 2016 [UK]

  • AQA AS Physics Paper 1 2017 [UK]

  • AQA AS Physics Paper 2 2016 [UK]


  • KS2 2016 science sample paper [UK]


  • OCR FP2 2016 [UK]

  • OCR C2 2013 [UK]

  • OCR C2 2009 [UK]

  • OCR C4 2015 [UK]

  • OCR M3 2009 [UK]

  • Pink Kangaroo 2016 [EU]

  • Senior Maths Challenge 2018 [UK]