The Wikicast is a weekly podcast featuring myself and my friend Dan Maw clicking the 'Random Article' button on Wikipedia and chatting about what we find. Think Hello Internet meets No Such Thing As A Fish.

More often than not however we don't end up talking about the article for long and instead either fixate on one topic, such as geek culture, music, or the 2016 University of Exeter Chapel Choir tour to Malta. We also have a very active community of listeners who email us each week, and we read out the best correspondence..... which normally includes at least one bizarre pseudo-erotic fan fiction. Which of course also gets read out, to our mutual bemusement and disgust. We love it.

A few things to be aware of if you plan on listening:

  1. Listeners are called readers

  2. Emails must begin with 'Dear Messrs Clark and Maw' and be signed off with the author's age as a compound fraction

  3. The two religions of the podcast are Clarktholicism and Mawmonism

  4. The world is divided into two types of people: cat people (Simon) and dog people (Dan)

  5. We are terrible at accents and languages other than English

You can listen to us on podbean on this page, on YouTube on our channel Spongy and Electric, or on most third party apps including Spotify and iTunes. You can email us at

If you would like to support The Wikicast then you can do so by buying our merchandise (when it becomes available again!), or becoming a supporter of our Patreon.