PhD vlogs

The vlog that kicked off the most successful series on my channel!

Explaining how I got into the mess of being a PhD student, from secondary school onwards!

The final entry in my PhD vlogging series, showing the last week of my studies, and handing in my thesis.

The story of how I went from being a normal kid in a state comprehensive school to studying physics at Oxford, to getting my PhD.

Travel vlogs

Travelling to the sunny English seaside village of Sidmouth with my girlfriend with a ruined face.

My little trip to Berlin to do some filming!

Special vlogs

These were especially chosen by my followers on twitter as noteworthy vlogs of mine. Their reasons were... varied

In which I start to completely and utterly go thesis crazy. Yeah, this was a pretty low point.

The infamous beer mile vlog. Just watch it, it's easier than explaining here.

Correcting the long-running problem with my PV inversion code. This was an emotional one. Also fire.

A particularly eventful week in my PhD, including pretty much all the hallmarks of the series.